A new Kind of Bass

Exceptional Tone and Performance

Specifically matched components and wood of the highest quality create a rich, balanced and unique sound. Experience excellence both in the studio and on the road.


Each Bass is meticulously handcrafted in Luxembourg. Before leaving the workshop each Bass gets inspected for even the tiniest details.

Ergonomic and Creative

Rinaldis Basses have easy playability and are made to be ergonomic for the human body. Creative designs ensure tone variety and make every moment enjoyable.

Taking the bass bridge into the 21st Century

EVO Bass bridge cut view

Incredible sustain and Sound

The traditional bass bridge just has one point of contact. Rinaldis Bass Bridge has string tubes that allows for more contact. This creates and unmatched sustain and bright sound like no other.

Easy adjustments and perfect durability.

High quality components like spacecraft grade aluminum make the RinaldisBass Bridge durable and light. Two easy adjustments create exactly the play-ability you desire. Since the bridge has no springs it will outlive even the next generation.

cool design and colors for 4 and 5 string basses

With the color options Silver, Gold and Black the RinaldisBass Bridge will make every bass look outstanding.

manufacturing in luxembourg

Each EVO Bass Bridge is individually manufactured in Luxembourg .

Licensed by Jens Johnsen Patent :
USA: 5,295,427
Germany: P4201438.1

Patented excellence: The Evoluzione of the Bass bridge

Evo bass bridge

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