Our Vision

At Rinaldis Guitar Works, our goal is to provide you with the best performing, most innovative instruments of the highest quality, materials, and craftsmanship.

Rinaldis Guitar Works is all about synergy, in how the various materials and components work, blend, and complement each other to create a rich, musical-sounding instrument. To our ears, every component interacts: the wood, electronics, hardware, finish etc.

Our Mission

We carefully select and match components, most of which are custom made for us or by ourself. The result is a instrument with a tone that is balanced and unique to that model. We think it makes more sense for a player to be able to choose a good bass, selecting one with a particular tone that suits his or her musical and/or playing style, rather than adapting their musical or playing style to some randomly voiced instrument.
Your sound all starts with the instrument and works up the chain from there. If you have a bass or guitar with a poor-quality sound& wrong setup, all the best amplification in the world won’t help you...

A craftsman is only as good as his/her tools, and a Rinaldis Guitar Works instrument will allow you to become a better player, no matter what your playing level.

Alberto Rinaldis

The fine Art of italian Design & Lutherie since 1996

As a bassist myself, I know the importance of a well-made instrument. I personally inspect each and every bass before it leaves my workbench. My name is on it, and I’m proud of my work. I wouldn’t expect other players to accept anything less than I’d want—that is, the most beautiful, functional, great-sounding, and above all playable instrument possible.